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Meet the Super food of Nutrition: Top 5 Health Benefits of Ghee

Feb 20, 2020

Meet the Super food of Nutrition: Top 5 Health Benefits of Ghee

It goes without saying that ghee is the most popular ingredient of every household. Be it in the preparation of food, carrying out of traditional rituals, or for external application, ghee finds it way to every house in India. While few years ago, there was a wave that took over ghee with butter, increasingly, today, Indian’s are opting back to their desi side and choosing ghee all over again. No doubt, the western influence of using butter and oil remains, the more health savvy and conscious consumers are moving towards consumption of ghee. There are a plethora of benefits that ghee brings along. However, mentioning them all in one post would be injustice to ghee itself. Therefore, in this post, we will focus on the top 5 health benefits of ghee. As we move on, you can catch us posting more about uses of ghee for a healthier lifestyle and more.

Ghee is naturally endowed with truckloads of omega 3, fatty acids and all other essential nutrients. This makes it a powerhouse of nutrition and healthy goodness. Let’s look at the top 5 health benefits that ghee brings to the table-

Ghee= Good Fat

We are always in a debate with ourselves about which type of fat to consume and which to avoid. Confused about which one to go for, we tend to completely eliminate fats from our diet, especially in a bid to lose weight. However, do you really think that’s a wise move? Experts say NO. In fact, consuming a sufficient amount of good fats accentuates your weight loss, by ensuring you have enough energy. The high presence of monosaturated omega 3 and fatty acids makes ghee a great source of good fat. It is essentially a natural promoter of a healthy heart and the cardiovascular system. If you go by data, you will come across studies that show, rural areas where consumption of ghee is higher, report lower incidence of heart diseases and better heart health.

Way to a Healthy Gut

If you ask your grand parents about how they maintained a healthy gut, one common piece of answer would revolve around consumption of ghee. Invariably, from time immemorial, ghee has been considered a solid route to a healthy stomach in a variety of ways. Firstly, a spoon of ghee before a meal creates a protective layer in your gut. This saves your stomach from the growth of any ulcers or protrusions due to imbalances of spices in your diet. Secondly, ghee is a long standing traditional solution to constipation. Many specialists today recommend a spoon of ghee in milk as a mild but effective solution to constipation.

Lactose Free Source of Goodness

Production of ghee mostly involves separating milk and its fats. Invariably, the milk component that ghee finally contains is very less. This makes it suitable for people with lactose intolerance. More often than not, individuals plagued with lactose intolerance have a hard time finding the right source of fats. They are deprived of butter and other sources that are often used. However, they can always fall back upon this traditional source of good fat that will not make them feel sick.

Fight Cancer and Inflammation – Like a Boss

It is common knowledge that ghee is high on butyrate. For common understanding, this is a fatty acid which links to the immune system to soothe inflammation. Therefore, consumption of ghee can definitely be a powerful means to fight inflammation in the human body. On the other hand, ghee also enhances enzymes responsible for the detoxification of cancer causing agents in the body, preparing the latter for a fight against cancer. At the same time, consumption of cow ghee is found to reduce the expression of genes that are responsible for cell proliferation.

Immunity at its Best

Finally, ghee is a great source to boost one’s immune system. Put simply, it is immune system of our body which is responsible for fighting with diseases and ailments. Ghee is like a best friend to the immune system, helping it do one hell of a job. Technically speaking, ghee helps in maximum absorption of nutrients and other elements from the food, i.e. it accentuates our body’s ability to absorb important elements from our diet. It is these nutrients, enzymes and other disease fighting elements that aid the immune system in the combat against any ailments. Additionally, the presence of butyric acid helps in the formation of T cells which help in the fight against diseases.

Health Benefits of Ghee: A Word of Caution

While it is no rocket science to understand that the health benefits of ghee run unparalleled. However, it is important to live by a word of caution. Firstly, thought ghee is high on good fat and has immunity building properties, too much consumption can be self defeating. Therefore, keep your consumption moderate. Secondly, ghee from all sources doesn’t bring all the benefits. Invariably, consuming ghee which is processed in a chemical free environment is what will help you make the most of it.

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