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The Perfect Blend - Lakadong Turmeric Latte Mix

Oct 21, 2022

The Perfect Blend - Lakadong Turmeric Latte Mix

In any season, sunshine or rain, your body is fighting a constant battle to keep you healthy. Diseases, infections, and other ailments are only kept at bay when you are perfectly equipped to do so. Since ancient times, people in this country have believed in a potent spice that can both heal and strengthen the body holistically. This super spice is none other than Turmeric.

A warm glass of ‘Haldi Dhoodh’ has been a household staple for generations. The natural miracle that is turmeric has been revered for its medicinal properties, especially in fighting of bacteria, viruses, and other factors that may lead to illness. 

We at Jivika Organics have taken this ancient knowledge and practice of ‘Haldi Kadha’, and perfected it in our Lakadong Turmeric Latte Spice Mix.

Jivika Organics Lakadong Turmeric Latte

Fixing a cup of our Latte Spice Mix is as convenient as it is nutritious. Our perfect blend of herbs and spices is completely in line with the teachings of Ayurveda.

Jivika Organics Latte Spice Mix combines authentic Lakadong Turmeric with other native Indian spices like black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves. While our Ayurvedic Superfood is perfect for everyday consumption, it is especially great for treating sore throats, infections, and seasonal flu. 

What's inside a cup of our Latte Spice Mix?

Lakadong Turmeric

Sourced straight from the rich and fertile soil of Meghalaya. Our Lakadong Turmeric comes with a Curcumin content of 9%, which indicates the finest quality and nutritional value.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper has certainly earned its reputation as the ‘King of Spices’ with its strong and complex flavor. As a potent antimicrobial, Black Pepper is commonly used to treat a cold or a pesky cough.


Its anti-inflammatory properties, coupled with its potent antioxidants make Cinnamon a powerful tool in combating respiratory, diabetic, and cardiovascular ailments. Its rich, woody aroma helps tie the other spices together.


Cardamom has been a traditional flu remedy for generations. It even helps lower blood pressure and relieves various digestive issues. Furthermore, its unmistakable fragrance adds some intensity to the Haldi Kadha.


Ginger has long been renowned as a Superfood - and for good reason. Its nutrient profile is unmatched and helps relieve most gastrointestinal issues. Ginger is also an effective remedy against nausea and morning sickness.


From treating dental issues to boosting your immune system, Cloves are the perfect addition to your everyday diet. They come packed with strong antioxidants that can promote heart health.

Perfect Ayurvedic Blend

Aside from just the ingredients, what makes our Latte Spice Mix great is the ratio of spices used. Each of these ingredients is a superfood in its own right. However, when blended in quantities stated by ancient Ayurveda, they can bring out the best of each ingredient.

Building a strong immune system is more important than ever in today’s world. This takes drastic and persistent lifestyle changes. The easiest, and perhaps most significant step in doing so would be to equip your body with all the right tools to fight its battles. We at Jivika have bottled these tools up in a convenient mix. Add a glass of our ‘Haldi Kadha’ to your daily routine and stay prepared for any illness that may come your way!

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