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Tulsi Giloy - An Ancient Superfood

Sep 21, 2022

Tulsi Giloy - An Ancient Superfood

Ancient Ayurveda and Indian Tradition have been interwoven for as long as we can remember. The priceless knowledge to use nature’s gifts to heal and nourish the human body has been passed down from generation to generation, only growing deeper with time. Two such gifts from the earth are Tulsi and Giloy.


Each of these herbs is ‘super’ in its own way, but Ayurveda expertly combines the two to provide holistic care and replenishment. From digestive health to stress relief, Tulsi Giloy can help by bringing a balance to your Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas


India Holy Basil, or its more commonly known name ‘Tulsi’, has been a part of Indian households since just about forever. Being a natural cooling agent, Tulsi can keep your body and mind from overheating. When ingested, Tulsi has been known to help manage blood sugar and reduce inflammation.


An absolute blessing to your organs, Giloy is packed with antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-diabetic properties. This bitter medicinal herb can help ward off illness, while triggering stronger immune responses from the body. 

Tulsi Giloy Juice is a great way to strengthen and refresh yourself everyday, with little to no effort. 

Health Benefits of Natural Tulsi Giloy Juice

Tulsi Giloy for Digestive Health

Adding Tulsi Giloy to your daily routine can act as a digestive aid and help in effective absorption of food. It can further improve liver function and overall digestive health.

Tulsi Giloy for Stress

Aside from its many benefits towards physical wellbeing, Tulsi Giloy is great for maintaining a healthy and refreshed mind. Natural Tulsi Giloy Juice can be the perfect replacement for your evening cup of tea with its relaxing and calming effects.

Tulsi Giloy Against Illness

Both Giloy and Tulsi have been used in Ayurveda to help boost the body’s ability to fight off diseases and ailments. Tulsi Giloy Juice can be effective in combating allergies, chronic fever, dengue, etc. It can also help against arthritis and gout due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


The perfect blend of Tulsi and Giloy with nothing else, Jivika Organics Natural Tulsi Giloy Juice is approved by the Ministry of Ayush, making it an Ayurvedic Superfood you can trust.

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