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Why go Chemical Free: The Power of Pure & Unadulterated Produce

Feb 15, 2020

Why go Chemical Free: The Power of Pure & Unadulterated Produce

As we become more aware as well as conscious about what we put on and inside our body, there has been a shift away from chemically induced products. For a long time, we as consumers, did not pay a lot of attention into the contents and method of preparation of the products we used. However, owing to the plethora of information available today, consumers are becoming conscious and thus, taking informed decisions about what kind of products they engage with.

While for a long time, consumer believed that natural sourcing was enough to protect the benefits of any product. However, lately, the attention has gone to chemical free processing in addition to unadulterated sourcing. Put simply, consumers today do not only demand naturally grown products, but also seek products which are processed in a chemical free environment with methods closest to nature and rightly so. Let us look at the power of pure and unadulterated produce which is pushing people to adopt a chemical free way of life!

Greater Nutritional Profile

In addition to being of high nutritional value, naturally procured and processed products are generally fresher. Also, it is easier for consumers to differentiate between the fresh and the not so fresh. Again, the logic is simple. When production and processing is unadulterated and chemical free, there is no addition of preservatives that can elongate the shelf life of the product. Invariably, in the absence of preservatives, the products do not last for too long. On the other side, it goes without saying that fresher the products, the better they are. Addition of chemicals and adulterants seeks to preserve the freshness of products in an artificial manner. In such a case, while the external appearance of the product may stay on for long, its internal goodness may be lost. Thus, using products which are closest to nature often ensures fresh consumption.

A Small Step for the Environment

The power of using and consuming pure and unadulterated products lies not only in benefits to our health, but to our mother earth too. Residue from most of the chemical additives, fertilizers and pesticides used for augmenting natural produce plague the earth and environment, leading to degradation. Switching to natural methods of procurement and processing supplements environmental development, rather than degrading it. Invariably, adopting a chemical free approach to your products can be your small contribution to living an environmentally sustainable life. Take the case of jaggery for example. Naturally grown and processed jaggery not only allows the land to revitalize, preventing its exploitation, but also protects the environment from waste residue that comes out of chemical processing.

Farewell to Side Effects

A lot of times you may suffer allergic reaction to some products and you assume that the problem lies in the specific product. But, have you ever given it a thought that maybe the process of procurement and preparation is where the problem lies. It is very much possible that you are allergic to the chemical additives used to accentuate the production and processing, rather than the product itself. For instance, you may suffer a side effect on consumption of ghee and immediately hold the product responsible. Take a step back and consider, “what if the chemical additives in cow feed to augment the quantity of milk or the adulteration during processing of ghee were the real culprits”. Invariably, naturally sourced and process products seldom carry side effects.

Chemical Free: How do I do it?

It goes without saying that switching to pure and unadulterated products is more of a lifestyle choice than anything else. Unless you choose to go chemical free, you will always end up inclining towards adulterated products because they are often cheaper, last longer and visually induced in appearance. However, if you wish to make health a priority, start small with replacing one product that you use or consume at a time. At Jivika Naturals, we offer a whole range of natural, chemical free and unadulterated products that can help you take your first step towards better health and well being!

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