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Satisfy your Sugar Cravings with a Healthy Twist: Top 5 Jaggery Uses

Feb 28, 2020

Satisfy your Sugar Cravings with a Healthy Twist: Top 5 Jaggery Uses

If you are born with a sweet tooth, sugar cravings would be a part of your daily routine. However, even you would realize that if you consume large quantities of sugar everyday, you are inviting trouble to your door step. The negative health effects of sugar are a plenty, right from a probable cause for diabetes to severe dental problems. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t satisfy your sugar cravings every once in a while. What’s better? You could even satisfy your sweet tooth at an increased frequency if you simply switch your sugar intake with jaggery. Not only will you prevent yourself from the harmful effects of refined sugar, but will also add a pinch of health to your diet. Following are the top 5 jaggery uses that can help you satisfy your sugar cravings with a healthy twist-

Sweeten your Halwa with Gur

If you are born and brought up in an Indian household, halwa would be an active dish for anything. If you are unwell, have halwa. An auspicious ceremony coming up, prepare halwa as worship offerings. If you have a dinner at home, end it with halwa as something sweet. Invariably, halwa is a top favourite for almost every Indian out there. However, the presence of large quantities of sugar makes it a little less attractive for the health conscious ones and sugar patients. Here is where jaggery uses kicks in. Simply swap sugar with jaggery and you are good to go. One of the best would be to prepare gur and atte ka halwa in pure desi ghee. Not only is it finger licking good, but a great solution to all kinds of cold and cough too.

Gur ki Roti

Literally translating to jaggery flatbread, gur ki roti is a premium delicacy, especially in the Northern part of India. With its ability to warm up the body from within, gur ki roti is best suited for the winter season. Making gur ki roti is no rocket science. Simply stuff the wheat flour with granular or powdered jaggery. This is one of the top jaggery uses that most Indian households rely on. Finally, fry the roti on tawa in a way to caramelize it while maintaining its crisp texture.

Peanut Chikki

A great snack to munch on during the day or a light dessert to serve at the end of a meal, peanut chikki has multiple uses. Traditionally, this dish is made by putting together peanuts and jaggery. From time immemorial, this dish has been a favourite for all those whole enjoy munching in the cold winter days. Not only does it keeps the body warm, but it is also filling and comes with a decent


Oats Jaggery Cookies

Not only limited to Indian delicacies, jaggery uses are also profound in the millennial snacks. Take the case of oats jaggery cookies for example. These cookies are completely free from any refined sugar. Putting together nuts, spices, jaggery and whole wheat oats, these cookies are a healthy snack to be consumed with your morning beverage. Alternatively, it can also be consumed as a stand alone snack when you are starving and want to avoid the junk food around you.

Amchoor ki Launji

Jaggery uses are not limited to preparing only desserts. In fact, this next item in the list of top jaggery uses is a perfect fix of sweet and spicy. A sought after delicacy in summers, amchoor ki launji is a mouth watering paste that you can simply spread across any bread and make it a complete meal. Putting together dry mango slices, jaggery and other condiments and spices, amchoor ki launji is a must prepare jaggery recipe.

Top Jaggery Uses: Is there a Catch?

While now you know the top 5 jaggery uses to satisfy your sugar cravings, there is a point of caution. Firstly, while healthier than refined sugar, jaggery still does contain sweet elements and thus, the consumption must be in moderation. Secondly, always procure pure and natural jaggery, else your entire effort of being going healthy will be defeated. If you wish to lay your hands on some of the best and chemical free jaggery of the country, check out our website.

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