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In today’s day and age of health conscious food trends and the importance given to organically grown produce, we at Jivika Organics strive to ensure that such organic, wholesome and nutritional products are made available to you.

Jivika Organics was founded in 2016, based in Hyderabad, and is run by a team of passionate individuals whose purpose is to promote good health and happiness. Jivika means “Source of Life” and the Anahata Chakra means 'Heart'. It is the most important element and just as the heart is pure, clean and stainless- all our products are free from impurities and chemicals. Jivika means Pure, Raw, Clean, Natural, and that's why our tagline is - "Health Is Life".

We specialise in producing and promoting natural, wholesome and healthy food products which are free from harmful toxins, fertilisers and chemicals. All our products are sourced and made in India and we even strive for the betterment of the local communities and tribes involved in the procurement and manufacture of the products.

The methods of production are very simple and basic, from the rural parts of India. The procedures are old and tested with time, in relation with the Ayurveda. The Vedic procedures of extracting food products are considered the purest form. Bearing this in mind we strive to keep our methods close to the Vedic procedures.

We also believe that eating healthy is the best medicine you can have and the kitchen can be your pharmacy. In order to promote a healthy living we ensure all our products are toxin free and can be used to cure common ailments.

We are proudly

  • Sustainability

    At Jivika, we believe in being sustainable, creating products in it's traditional wisdom committed to quality, with 'No Rush'. What we create is limited, rare and pure

  • Empowering Farmers & Women

    Jivika Naturals is committed to enabling and empowering women from tribe and rural communities with a belief in building lives & generating livelihoods

  • Fair Pricing

    The value of soil, food and health cannot be figured, however, we try to put out the best possible price to our products.


Every interaction we have, every action we take and every product we make is based on the principle of PURITY.

The first step in our mission is to aid and reward local communities and farmers for their hard work in producing natural, chemical free crops and raising cows in a humane, non-violent manner. Jivika Organics has strong ties to local farmers who cultivate large swaths of land in several areas of India. We also make donations to help in the upliftment of such communities, including donations to the Gwala Community from our income on each bottle of Ghee sold!

Healthy food equals healthy people. That is why we use ancient Vedic and traditional processes to turn natural, pesticide and fertilizer free raw materials into wholesome, pure and nutritious food products!
With each purchase that you make, you are not only making yourself healthier, you are also contributing to the wellbeing and happiness of local communities and the land that sustains them.

Our Core Team & Strength

from our Cow Farms in Himachal & Gujarat

Mother Cows & Gwalas

From our Bee farms in Uttarakhand

Bee Keepers

from the exotic turmeric fields of Lakadong, Meghalaya

Team of Women famers

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