Jivika Natural’s A2 Gir Cow Ghee is among Top 5 A2 Ghee in India!

Feb 18, 2022

Jivika Natural’s A2 Gir Cow Ghee is among Top 5 A2 Ghee in India!

Krishi Jagran is a legendary platform built for upliftment and promotion of best farming practices & Agriculture Industry in India. It encourages traditional rooted lifestyle with clean eating choices by emphasising on organic farming and other progressive techniques. Their outlook for being Vocal for locals is worth applause.

Krishi Jagran has Recognised and Acknowledged Jivika Naturals A2 Gir Cow Ghee in Top 5 A2 Ghee Brands in India. We are truly humbled by the honour bestowed by esteemed Krishi Jagran Platform. Jivika has always been rooted to mother earth and its selfless gifts to mankind. We are dedicated to bringing the valuable age-old rural practices to every Indian household. All the products of Jivika are 100% Pure and Natural, made by the best techniques with the finest quality ingredients traced from every corner of the world. We are determined to preserve the Vedic practices for generations to come. 

We have curated a basket of handpicked products, essential for a healthy life. We advocate clean eating practices. Our Products range from A2 Ghee, Cold Pressed oils, Sweeteners, Superfoods to Herbal Juices. And it’s just a humble beginning of the magnificent initiative to make life more fulfilling. 

Jivika’s A2 Ghee has been one of the first few products we introduced with the conviction in the best practices of Rural India. We source our Ghee from the Gaushala in Gujarat. The best practices of hand-churning the Ghee from Curd in Bilona (Earthenware) is followed till date. This is what makes our Ghee stand out in its nutritional value, aroma, granular texture and taste.

Once again, our gratitude to Krishi Jagran for acknowledging Jivika Natural’s Ghee in Top 5 A2 Ghee in India. 

To build a strong nation, we bring authentic food practices to every Indian household.

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