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The Miracle Of A2 Ghee - From Every Corner Of India

Oct 10, 2022

The Miracle Of A2 Ghee - From Every Corner Of India

From the mighty foothills of the Himalayas to the unforgiving expanses of Kutch, great A2 desi ghee can come from just about anywhere. Anywhere in this country that is. The one and only factor that differentiates A2 milk from A1 milk is the breed of cow it comes from. Native Indian cattle, free from any sort of genetic modification, produce nutritious A2 milk. Naturally rich in beta-casein, A2 cow milk produces some of the most luxurious and nourishing ghee in the world.

While there are plenty of Indian cattle breeds that are all capable of producing some of the finest milk, three of these breeds in particular have caught our attention: Badri, Hallikar, and Kankrej.

Badri Cows from Uttarakhand

In the formidable mountains of Uttarakhand, Badri cows have lived and thrived for generations. These sacred ‘Pahadi’ cattle are revered by the locals, many of whom have built their lifestyles around Badri cows. The rural gwalas allow these majestic animals to roam freely across the lush forests, feeding on wild medicinal herbs found only in the Himalayas. This unique diet is what gives their milk that magical quality that we try to preserve in our ghee.


Badri Cow Ghee

The gwala community in Uttarakhand has practised the ancient method of Bilona churning for generations. Nutritious whole curds are churned by hand at the crack of dawn, and further clarified over a wood fire to produce rich and decadent ghee.

Hallikar Cows from Mysore

Royal and majestic like the land they live on, the Hallikar cows of Karnataka are a true blessing from nature. They can easily be distinguished from other breeds of cattle by their slender figures and mighty horns. Having grazed on some of the most fertile lands in the country, their milk is more than worthy of its royal patronage.


Hallikar Cow Ghee

The gwalas let the mighty cows live and roam freely around the fertile lands of Mysore. These cows are nurtured from birth by the same community that crafts our Hallikar Cow Ghee. Churned from whole curds, Bilona ghee is free from bad cholesterol and harmful trans fats, making sure that its intense flavour and aroma comes at no cost to your health.

Kankrej Cows from Kutch

The vast expanse of Kutch, Gujarat has birthed some of the most tough and rugged cows in the country. Kankrej Cows that feed on wild Sheedha grass produce A2 milk that reflects these rugged qualities. The local gwalas care for these majestic animals as part of their community, this love and care is what we strive to preserve in every jar of Kankrej Cow Ghee.


Kankrej Cow Ghee

With a rich golden colour and an aroma that can fill up a room, Kankrej cow ghee is every bit as powerful as the rugged Kankrej cow itself. Hand-crafted by local gwala communities in Gujarat, Kankrej Cow Ghee is perfect for building and immunity and strengthening your body from the inside. 

We at Jivika have always held our principles of purity and authenticity above all else. This much is more than evident in every drop of our ghee. We do our part in uplifting and empowering the gwala communities that create this wholesome range of ghees. Experience their magic for yourself!

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