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Weight Loss Regime: Avoid Weight Gain during the Global Pandemic

Apr 02, 2020

Weight Loss Regime: Avoid Weight Gain during the Global Pandemic

There is no denying the fact that each of us has at least once dreamt of being at home all day and focus on our health and especially watch our weight. No matter how hard we try, we tend to fall back on our weight loss regime. This takes us back to having a craving for the former dream. However, none of us, in our worst nightmares thought that it will be the global pandemic, Covid- 19 that will lock us down at home. While we are at home, this does not directly translate to a weight loss regime. Undoubtedly, the intake of junk food is on a down low. However, so are the things that can facilitate weight loss.

Let’s look at the facts, you may have more time to lose weight, but the gyms are shut. You may want to eat very healthy, but supply to exotic veggies that you believe can help you lose weight is dry. You may want to go out for a run, but social distancing is the norm. However, this does not mean that you lose track of your weight loss regime. Here are a few ways you can keep your weight loss game strong, while you practice social distancing-

Create a Food Log

Daily food diary with healthy food and hand drawn days of the week lettering. Vector illustration

One of the very common habits to all of us while we work from home is to keep munching through out the day. When we are in a regular routine, we tend generally tend to follow a 3 meal diet. However, when at home, we lose track and keep stuffing ourselves even if we are full. Therefore, keep a log of what you are consuming. Note down what you eat through the day and every time you go out of your room to get yourself a snack, first see what you have eaten already. At the same time, consider asking yourself, if you are really hungry or is it simply boredom that you are trying to avoid. Therefore, the first step to your weight loss regime should be controlling what you eat to prevent weight gain.

Healthy Eating Starts at Home

Just because you cannot go out and get ingredients for your keto or any other diet, cannot be an excuse to not eating healthy. In fact, if you at home, this is a golden opportunity for you to skip all the outside junk and eat healthy, weight loss food. You may not get those fancy ingredients, but would definitely have ghee at home. Ghee, as it is rich in amino acids, can facilitate your weight loss regime by shrinking the size of fat. This does not mean that you start consuming ghee by the gallons. A spoonful of ghee in your regular home- cooked meal will do the trick.

You can also experiment with a few drinks using apple cider vinegar that can aid weight loss. On the one hand, research shows that apple cider vinegar suppresses your appetite. Thus, it will help you be fuller faster and eat less. At the same time, it also reduces your sugar craving and if you drink it everyday, it will also impact direct weight loss. Finally, jaggery can also be your weapon for a strong weight loss regime during this lockdown. Rich in potassium, jaggery can boost your metabolism, which is very important to control the weight gain, especially when your physical mobility is limited.

Exercise at Home

Well, if you can #workfromhome, why can’t you exercise at home? Go and check out the app store. You will see 1000s of apps that can suggest exercises you can do within the confines of your home. If nothing else, just play some music and fine tune your grooves. That’ll also come in handy when you go and celebrate the end of the lockdown! You may want to try some yoga as well. Again, digital platforms are full of options to guide you through it.

Try experimenting with a standing desk when you are doing your office work too. Keep moving throughout the day and don’t be a couch potato. Just because you can’t go to the gym doesn’t mean you will not complete your target of 10,000 steps everyday. Finally, the fact that you don’t have any domestic help at home, your house work, sweeping, mopping will also keep up the weight loss spirit.

Weight Loss Regime: Fight like a Boss!

Now you can have no excuse to put on weight during this lockdown period. You may not be able to go out there and help the ones who are suffering. But, your greatest help will be to stay at home and take care of yourself. Start this by making sure you don’t end up adding pounds of weight by the time the world comes out of this crisis. The last thing we need is to fight global weight gain problems after the pandemic. Stay tuned to this space to get the latest insights on how you can focus on your health as you #stayathome!

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