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Virign Coconut Oil - Nature's Holistic Miracle

Sep 02, 2022

Virign Coconut Oil - Nature's Holistic Miracle

We’ve all experienced the countless benefits of Coconut Oil in our daily life; from a relaxing head massage to frying up a mouthwatering batch of banana chips. Rich in healthy fatty acids, and boasting a unique vitamin profile, Virgin Coconut Oil is easy to incorporate into any diet or lifestyle.

Extracted carefully from tender coconuts, Virgin Coconut Oil retains all the essential nutrients and electrolytes of the miraculous fruit. Cold pressed coconut milk, when put through a state of the art centrifuge, produces pure, rich, and luxurious Virgin Coconut Oil. Packed full of healing properties and energy, this oil has been part of traditional health and wellness practices for as long as we can remember.

Check out these brilliant yet offbeat uses of Virgin Coconut Oil and see if you can incorporate some of these into your daily life…

Lesser Known Ways To Use Virgin Coconut Oil

  1. Natural Sunscreen

Whether it be a sunny beach day, or a morning game of cricket, a lot of our favourite things in life take place under the sun. The importance of shielding your skin from its harmful rays cannot be overstated.

Virgin Coconut Oil when applied to your skin can protect it from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Further reducing the risk of skin cancer, wrinkling, and brown spots.

  1. Oil Pulling

Health and wellness start at the mouth. From bad breath, to weak gums and stomach problems, it can all be traced back to poor oral hygiene. Our mouths are a hotspot for all sorts of germs and bacteria, making its hygiene an absolute priority.

Swishing with Virgin Coconut Oil for 10 minutes can reduce bacteria in your mouth that causes dental plaque, tooth decay, and gum disease. Virgin Coconut Oil comes with strong, natural antibacterial properties due to its fatty acids and lauric acid content.

  1. Shining Wood Furniture

We tend to forget that our furniture is made from organic and natural materials (Trees). So why would we stop nourishing it just because it’s now shaped like a table or a dresser?

While bringing out the natural beauty and lustre in natural wood, Virgin Coconut Oil also adds a layer of dust repellent to keep your chairs and tables spotless. On top of that, it comes with a pleasant, delicate aroma that can help tie up the room perfectly.

  1. Wound Healing

From cuts and scrapes, to nasty road rashes, the only way to effectively heal a wound is to keep your skin clean, nourished, and fortified. The healthy fats and vitamin profile of Virgin Coconut Oil make it a great way to care for these injuries.

To speed up the healing of wounds, Virgin Coconut Oil can be applied directly to your skin and then covered with a bandage. Furthermore, VCO can even be used to treat skin conditions like eczema.

  1. Insect Repellent

Who doesn’t love being in nature? That is until you’re covered from head to toe in mosquito bites.

Applying Coconut Oil with other essential oils directly to your skin provides over 98% protection from bugs, stings, and other insect bites. What’s more? It smells great, unlike the rancid chemical stench of conventional insect repellents.

  1. Curb Your Appetite

Virgin Coconut Oil is a low GI (42) food rich with medium chain fatty acids. These break down into ketones, which help keep you satiated for longer and help control your appetite.

Adding Virgin Coconut Oil to your meal plan is a great way to help watch your food intake and start focusing on your fitness goals. Try replacing refined oils in your daily cooking with pure VCO or just use it raw, as a light and aromatic salad dressing.

The status of Virgin Coconut Oil as a ‘Superfood’ absolutely holds up, given its backing by doctors and dieticians.

Turns out that Nature’s Miracle Fruit is a gift that keeps on giving. The nutritious and delicious coconut can help nourish you in just about every way imaginable. So go ahead and experience the magic of Virgin Coconut Oil for yourself.

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