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The real “Swaad” of Unrefined Cold Pressed Oils #DebunkingMyths

Feb 23, 2022

The real “Swaad” of Unrefined Cold Pressed Oils #DebunkingMyths

The desi kitchen needs the “Swaad” that only Cold Pressed Oils seems to add! The flavors, and taste are quite unforgettable. To all the “Food Lovers” out there, we are busting Cold Pressed Oils myths!

#Myth1 Cold Pressed Oils are not suitable for deep frying

Reality: Deep frying in Indian cooking ranges around 120-150°C. The high smoke point of unrefined cold pressed oil is 180°C, hence, making the oils safe for deep frying and in-fact quite healthy as they contain healthy fatty acids which help lower bad cholesterol and improve heart health! Not only that, because there are no chemicals added, the natural flavors are retained, giving rich taste and flavor to our food!

#Myth2 Cold Pressed can only be used in salads, not for cooking

Reality: This might as well be the biggest myth of Cold Pressed Oils! The oils are well suited for all kinds of cooking, owing to its high smoke point. And, the fact that there is no heat usage while extracting the oils, hence, all the minerals and nutrients are retained, making it the best Cooking Oils that are healthy and wholesome!

#Myth3 Filtered Cold Pressed Oils looses its nutritional properties

RealityFiltration is necessary to filter out the seed pulp. And, we do it mechanically that is through a cloth but not using chemicals. Jivika’s range of Cold Pressed Oils are unrefined, pure and natural!

#Myth4 Cold Pressed Oils are not healthy

RealityHappy to bust this particular myth! There is no other oil which are healthier than Cold Pressed Oils. The oils have been in India for centuries, made in a wooden ghani, without any usage of heat, which retains all its nutrients and natural flavors.

#Myth5 Cold Pressed Coconut oil is bad for cholesterol

RealityJivika’s Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is made out of tender coconut’s malai rather than dry copra, which has good fatty acids. These fatty acids are stored and later converted into energy. Interestingly, food cooked in coconut oil is rich in fiber, therefore, giving you a satiety feel.


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