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#Stayathome- Detox Your Life with Natural Goodness

Mar 27, 2020

#Stayathome- Detox Your Life with Natural Goodness

As the global pandemic Covid- 19 is the only news we hear about, the air around us seems a little extra gloomy. Lock downs, social distancing, curfews and #stayathome are trending all around. While social distancing and lock downs are pulling the spirits low, it is up to us to fill our lives with positive vibes. Undoubtedly, the crisis is huge and the repercussions even bigger, but as we all vouch to stay at home, we can together deal with it. However, staying at home doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to mope around with a long face the whole day. Why not take this opportunity to detox your life with natural goodness.

Detox your Life: A Distant Dream in Normal Days

Wouldn’t you agree that no matter how much we aspire, detoxing always takes a back seat. The hectic daily schedule and the craving to indulge in junk always comes in the way when you decide to detox your life. While normal days might not give you the ideal circumstances for detoxing, this imposed #stayathome may do the trick. One the one hand, your exposure to external environmental toxins and pollution is negligible. On the other hand, you would definitely have some extra time at hand, that you are not spending in travelling to work or school or your social gatherings. Therefore, if you have been longing to detox your life, this is the chance. Let’s us quickly explore how you can detox your life in ways that won’t even require too much effort!

Pure Desi Ghee: A Great Detoxing Agent

Pure cow ghee has the ability to penetrate deep into tissues and cells. This makes it an effective cleansing agent. While there are several ways ghee can help you detox your life, mentioned below are a quick few. Firstly, ghee helps in flushing out old bile from your liver to make space for the fresh one. The old bile often takes the form of gallbladder sludge. Ghee plays its magic and flushes it out of your system, preventing the re absorption of the toxic old bile. At the same time, as a part of detoxification, if you consume ghee empty stomach, it will augment fat metabolism, keeping you energetic and happy.

Jaggery: A Natural Body Cleanser

Jaggery is one of the best cleansing, especially when it comes to your liver. It seamlessly flushes out the harmful toxins, detoxifying your liver. Additionally, if consumed in moderate amounts on a regular basis, jaggery can help cleanse your blood streams too. At the same time, those of you who want to detox your life with a sugar detox, but don’t want to kill your sugar cravings, may want to switch it with jaggery.

Detox your Life with Apple Cider Vinegar

Any discussion on detox your life has to take into account the benefits that apple cider vinegar brings along. To begin with, it certainly helps the body regain its pH balance, which often gets lost when we consume too much of processed food. At the same time, apple cider vinegar can help remove sludge toxins from the body. However, unlike jaggery, if you try to consume apple cider vinegar raw, you might not like it too much. Therefore, consider making a drink with water, add two- three spoons of apple cider vinegar and some natural sweetener like honey. Consume this three times a day in your 21 day lock down and see the difference.

Detox your Life: #Not Locked Down

This might be a good time for you to rekindle hope as everything else seems gloomy. Believe that you may be in lock down, but are not locked down. Take this time to indulge in some self care and detox your life.

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