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Natural Production and Processing: Understand the Basics

Mar 07, 2020

Natural Production and Processing: Understand the Basics

The rise of an aware and conscious consumer has been closely accompanied by another demand. The demand for natural processing and production of what we use and consume. There was a time when the external look of the products was given more weight than what its nutritional profile actually was. Today, the consumer is swiftly moving away from the external appeal to focus on what’s inside. Therefore, there has been a rise in the demand for products that are chemical free and close to nature.

While pesticide free production is one aspect of accessing wholesome goodness, the other steps in the process are equally important. What you use and consume does not directly come from the producer to your kitchen shelf. It undergoes several stages of processing, each of which is vulnerable to adulteration. Let us quickly look at what natural production and processing actually entails.

Chemical Free Production

The first step to consuming and using natural products starts with chemical free production. If we talk about fruits and vegetables, it is well known that farmers use pesticides and other additives to augment the volume and appeal of their produce. However, this invades its natural goodness. However, even products like ghee are vulnerable to chemical production. Cows are injected with steroids to increase the amount of the milk they produce. Therefore, chemical free production is all about producing in the way closest to nature. In the case of ghee, it entails nurturing the cow in its natural habitat. Additionally, it requires ensuring a healthy diet, without putting the pressure for excessive quantities.

Unrefined Processing

While production may be chemical and additive free, the processing might be the problem at hand. Unrefined processing is all about using natural methods of procuring the final product from the raw material. For instance, in the case of oils, refined processing strips them off of the natural nutrition they come with. Upon such processing, oils only have fats in them, and do not add any nutritional profile to the consumers food. Therefore, unrefined processing focuses on preserving the natural goodness of the products.

Free from Adulteration

Once you ensure that the processing is natural, adulteration is the next big roadblock. More often than not, brands add various adulterants to their products in an attempt to elongate their shelf life. While this ensures that the products are able to live for a longer duration, the side effects that comes along are quite serious. This addition of preservative, though with a good intention, infringes the natural goodness of the product. Thus, to ensure 100% natural production and processing, you need to ensure that your products are free from any form of adulteration.

Toxic Free Packaging

Finally, the last step to ensure the natural production and processing of what you use and consume is to ensure toxic free packaging. No matter how natural or adulterant free your product is, if the packaging is toxic, the whole purpose goes down the drain. For instance, oils that travel in reused plastic have greater chances of going bad than the ones in glass containers or virgin plastic. This is the reason, most brands are moving towards glass packaging or virgin plastic packaging to protect the goodness of their products.

Natural Production & Processing: What Should I Do?

To use and consume products that have undergone only natural production and processing requires a little effort on our part. Be conscious about what you buy and where you buy it from. Make an effort to read the labels to see what preservatives are a part of the product. Inquire and search if they are safe. A few steps to be alert and active can help you go a long way into using only natural production and processing. If you are looking for a wide range of naturally produced and processed products, with an A1 nutritional profile, have a look at what we have to offer.

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