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How to make 2022 happier and healthier

Nov 23, 2021

How to make 2022 happier and healthier

Now, that's a million dollar question. There are many ways to make 2022 happier and healthier to say the least. By making small changes, we can indeed bring about a considerable difference in our physical and mental health. 

In this age where we are always on your toes, health seems to have taken a back seat. So, we have compiled a small list of things that can make next year happier and healthier: 

1. Quality sleep

It goes without saying that a good amount of sleep keeps you active and energetic the following day. One of many ways to improve our quality of sleep is to create a restful environment i.e, to switch off all the lights (having lights may affect your sleep), reduce your screen time before you go to bed, and finally get comfortable. These are some small ways to improve your quality of sleep. 

2.  A healthy diet

What you eat is what you are! Isn’t that the truth?! Eating healthy is the crux for our well-being, it helps to improve our mental health too. Consuming a variety of nutrient-dense foods like fruits and leafy vegetables is vital. A balanced diet will leave you energized throughout the day. Have fresh or frozen foods especially orange vegetables including carrots and sweet potatoes. 

3. Regular exercise

Ever felt like your energy getting drained in the middle of the day? Ever got tired of doing a simple chore? The best way to avoid this is to exercise regularly. Exercising will act as a stress reliever and it builds up your energy. It also boosts your endurance which allows you to do more physical activities. 

4. Do things that make you happy

During the day, there are many things that drain your energy both physically and mentally. Doing things that we love that puts us in a good mood relieves us from anxiety and stress. Be it reading a book, cooking, watching a movie, whatever hobby it might be it definitely does improve our mental health. So do it more often!

5. Spend time with our loved ones

Everyone’s mental makeup is different. How they perceive is entirely different from one individual to another. When everyone is so uniquely different from everyone else, one thing that mostly stands common is our need to feel loved and appreciated. So, spending some quality time with our loved ones, having a conversation with them will most definitely improve our mood and mental health. Of course, it might be difficult in this age to balance our work and personal life, however, even if we just try to maintain the balance we would end up being phenomenal. 

6. Think positive

Think positive, duh! Easier said than done, right?  Thinking happy thoughts is a practice that doesn't happen overnight, we need to practice it constantly and eventually we will be able to stop focusing on the negative thoughts. Whenever we find ourselves focusing on the negative part we should divert our attention to something else, because dwelling on something negative can take away our mental peace. 

Following any one of these will help us to be in a good place. However, we need to do this constantly to actually see a considerable change. Because anything of worth doesn't come easy!

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