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Herbal Juices for a healthy you!

Mar 16, 2022

Herbal Juices for a healthy you!

With a lot of uncertainty about the virus, it is very important to stay vigilant and take care of us and those around us. It's high time that we take care of our health. And, what can be a better way than eating and drinking healthy, to follow a proper diet. One of the best health drinks that one can include in their diet is Herbal Juices. 

The food we eat affects our inside and shows on our outside. Hence, having a healthy diet which isn’t only about counting our calories or charts, it’s about eating whole food which is rich in nutrients and fiber, which is untouched like nature itself. 

Herbal juices are fiber and nutrient rich. They are the herbs and fruits that are recommended by our ancestors and the Indian medicinal system - Ayurveda. For thousands of years there have been many herbs and fruits that add great wealth to our diet, wealth that is health! 

Jivika Naturals is bringing back some of the most celebrated and traditional medicinal herbs. We bottled a few selected herbs and fruits for your health and wellness. Jivika’s range of Herbal, Natural and Raw Juices: 

Aloe Vera Juice: When we are extremely dehydrated or when we have a killer sunburn, more often than not we turn to aloe vera. It provides an instant cure to sunburns and dehydration. Not only that but Aloe Vera cures many ailments. This gooey thing might just be growing in your backyard and we don’t know half of what aloe vera can do. Aloe Vera has a glowing reputation for clean and glowing skin. It’s a boon for your hair and provides nutrition and nourishment that helps in improving hair health. With the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in the plant, it wards off infections and decreases inflammation. 

Learn more about Aloe Vera Juice.

Karela Jamun Juice: Karela (or Bitter Gourd) Jamun is one of the most popular choices for diabetic care. It is also the most recommended by medical professionals. Karela Jamun has natural compounds that act like insulin, these compounds help in reducing blood sugar levels. Not only that but it is also great at increasing immunity, reducing acne, and managing weight. It truly is the best health drink available. 

Learn more about Karela Jamun Juice.

Amla Juice: Or the Indian Gooseberry has been a raging health fruit in the Indian medicinal system which promotes immune function. Amla is also a great source of Vitamin C, which enhances immune function. The juice helps in treating digestive problems when consumed regularly. This versatile and delicious fruit does deserve a place in our daily routine.

Learn more about Amla Juice.

Triphala Juice: Triphala or called as tridoshic rasayana as mentioned in Ayurveda. Triphala is a combination of three fruits: Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Bahera and Haritaki. This juice is a traditional remedy to many ailments. Tripahala is known to “Cleanse the system” acting as a laxative. With antifungal, antibacterial properties, Triphala helps in maintaining dental health and hygiene. The juice has high amounts of Vitamin C, and E which help in preventing a few age related diseases, such as cataracts. 

Learn more about Triphala Juice.

Wheatgrass Juice: It is a potent superfood with some extraordinary health benefits. This superfood is power packed with nutrients that help in absorbing and supplying oxygen to the rest of the body. Wheatgrass also treats conditions related to skin like sunburns and it is considered a boon to cure acne. Applying the juice on the damaged skin will repair and regenerate skin cells. Wheatgrass juice also helps in treating dandruff or dry hair, by massaging the hair with the juice and watering it out acts as an effective hair conditioner. 

Learn more about Wheatgrass Juice.

Tulsi Giloy Juice: Tulsi and Giloy is a perfect combination for boosting immunity and maintaining digestive health. Giloy is known as “ Madhunashini” or the destroyer of sugar in Ayurveda, Giloy enhances the insulin levels, thereby reducing blood sugar levels in the body. On the other hand, Tulsi is a great source for Vitamin C, Zinc, warding off infections and making our immune system stronger and healthier. Consuming Tusli Giloy regularly slows down the ageing process, bringing out natural and glowing skin.  

Learn more about Tulsi Giloy Juice.

Healthy juices made at home is something we always swear by! And, so, we at Jivika Naturals make juices in the most traditional and classical way possible. We provide concentrated and pulpy juices straight from nature’s womb. Finest quality of fruits and herbs are sourced from varied corners of India to derive the healthiest juices and deliver it to your doorstep!

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