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5 Ways to Manage Mental Well-being during Covid- 19

Apr 10, 2020

5 Ways to Manage Mental Well-being during Covid- 19

It is no secret that the talk of the town today is Covid- 19. What is slightly surprising is the fact that most of our conversations revolve around the economic losses, new cases, deaths, etc. Undoubtedly, these are important conversations and need of the hour too. However, amidst all of this, we tend to overlook one very important aspect, mental well-being. When was the last time in this nation wide lock down did you take a pause to think, “How is my mental well-being and psychological health”? Our guess would be you did not!

Mental Well-being: The Need to Talk About It

It is very important that in times like these we not only check on each other’s physical health, but mental well-being too. Every time we call a person these days, we ensure that they do not have cough or cold. There are multiple guides out there today talking about being physically fit through Covid- 19. And, we completely agree that each one of them is important. But, it is also important to take care of your mental well-being at this time. The anxiety, stress, panic that we are going through with irregular sleep schedules, etc. need to be addressed. Of course, you cannot go out and meet a counselor today, but there are small steps you can take while you are at home!

Work on Mental Well-being as a Part of Work From Home

As most of us are either working from home, working at home, learning at home, or simply staying at home, there are several things we can do to manage our mental well-being.

Stay Connected and In Touch

One of the major reasons that Covid- 19 is playing with our mental well-being is because of the forced isolation. However, just because you are at home doesn’t mean that you can’t be in touch and connect with your friends and family. We live in the digital age. Creatively, but safely, leverage technology tools like videoconferencing services, etc. to connect with the ones you love on a regular basis. Staying in touch will help you normalize the situation and will reduce your anxiety. At the same time, it will give you a reassurance that you are not alone and you have a whole tribe to back you up.

Focus on Facts, Not Forwards

One of the reasons for so much panic and distress is the fake news we keep consuming. We hear one piece of news and without checking its credibility, act on it in a manner which is far above what is actually required. The greatest example is that of panic buying. Not only are we destroying our mental well-being by literally hoarding everything we see in the supermarkets, but also for others by not leaving anything out there. It is very important for our mental well-being to just believe in facts and authentic news and not forwards. Refrain from believing in and spreading news that you receive on whatsapp.

Follow a Healthy Diet

It is very important that you stick to a healthy diet if you wish to manage your mental well-being in these days. Try to add leafy greens and yogurt to your diet. These would be available rather easily than other food products like berries that are good for mental wellness. It would also be a good idea to add a spoon of desi ghee to your diet. It helps in dealing with anxiety, panic and stress. As a satvic food, ghee will also help you in promoting positivity and happiness. At the same time, it will help you get rid of negative emotions that disrupt your mental well-being. All in all, consuming a healthy diet will take you a step closer to mental wellness.

Seek External Help

It is true that you won’t be able to step out of your home to get external help, but thanks to technology, the help can come to you. There are several helplines out there that can help you deal with psychological distress that you may be going through due to the uncertainty of Covid- 19. In fact, many startups and organizations in the space of mental well-being and health are offering complimentary sessions for those who are facing restlessness and anxiety as a result of this global pandemic.

Be Mindful of those Around You

Most of you who are at home must be there with your families and kids around you. In such times, it is very important to support each other in the struggle to managing your mental well-being. Talk to your children about what is happening and explain to them the importance of staying at home. Regular have positive conversations at home. Yes, there will be stressful discussions about the uncertain future. However, try to keep them to a minimum and indulge in more positive bonding. In fact, do not bury yourself in work. Maintain a work-life balance. If you see others getting restless, comfort them. Be a team player.

Mental Well-being: You are on your Way!

The bottom line here is that everyone will deal with their mental well-being according to their personality and needs. While some might be completely unaffected, others might have a mental breakdown. The important thing is to remember that you are free to do whatever keeps you positive and happy. Don’t be afraid of the society judging you. Finally, don’t go by those posts which ask you to take up this challenge or that or the ones which prompt you to be over productive. The idea is to positively survive the pandemic and not go for a productivity challenge. We will be back with some more tips to survive Covid- 19 as we learn on!

If you are facing any kind of psychological distress and need a helping hand, reach out to us, we are all ears!

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