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100% Nutrition, 0% Chemicals: Guide to a Healthy Life

Feb 02, 2020

100% Nutrition, 0% Chemicals: Guide to a Healthy Life

A healthy life starts with a healthy choice. As today healthy is often equated with dieting and exercising, we tend to overlook simple choices that can take us closer to better health. Undoubtedly, professionally prescribed diets and gymming, zumba, etc. can give a boost to your health regime. However, add a dash of some healthy habits and the results will be way more than what you can expect. Let us quickly take a sneak peek into what a healthy life looks like which thrives upon 100% nutrition and 0% chemicals.

Add Natural Nutrition to Your Diet

It goes without saying the goal of this guide to a healthy life is not to help you lose kilos and kilos and attain size zero. Rather, the aim is to help you achieve a life of energy, vigor and exuberance. And all this starts with focusing on a nutritionally rich diet. More often than not, we run for nutrition, but take the wrong route, that of artificial nutrition. Just because some supplements and adulterated products say that they can provide your body with the nutrition it needs, doesn’t make them the best addition to your diet. Instead, take the road less traveled and augment your diet with natural nutrition. For instance, a spoon of naturally produced ghee from unadulterated A2 cow milk can do wonders for your healthy life, much more than what any health supplements can offer.

Subtract Chemically Induced Processing

Most products today, that we consume, undergo chemically induced processing where artificial preservatives are added. Invariably, the objective is to prolong the life of the product, beyond its natural age. However, before you consume such products, take a pause and ask yourself if using products that have a longer shelf life worth it, when it is actually taking away years from your life? At the end of the day, those chemicals and adulterants are hitting your body. Why not just go in for smaller packaging of products that are produced chemical free? They may not be able to stay on your shelf for years, but will definitely add years to your life.

Divide Saturated Fats and Sugars

It is not only enough to make a choice between pure and adulterated to maintain a healthy life. You also need to make an informed decision to completely eliminate or reduce as much as possible some elements from your diet. Fats and sugars top this list. Obviously, the idea is not to just give up on their consumption. Have them in moderation and from sources which are pure, natural and unadulterated. If you talk about sugars, you may want to change your source from refined sugar to jaggery, the natural sweetener. The idea is quite simple. The more you source your fats and sugars from natural ingredients and products, the closer you come to a healthy life.

Multiply Pure Ingredients and Products

Even before reaching the phase of processing, products may receive chemical treatment and fertilizer sprays to augment the produce quantity and look. But do you really think a very rosy looking apple is all it takes to prepare premium quality apple cider vinegar? Obviously, the answer is NO! Therefore, it is important to ensure that the products you use are pure and not modified chemically or adulterated just to make them look prettier and increase the yield. Wouldn’t it be better to have less quantity of something that is pure than a lot of something that is full of chemicals? A healthy life is all about trade offs and choosing between what matters more, the quality or the quantity.

A Healthy Life: A Constant Effort

At Jivika, we understand that the road to healthy life is full of challenges. A party, a craving, or an indulgence is all you need to be thrown off your dieting schedule. However, in our endeavor to help our consumers stay strong with they healthy life resolution, we offer solutions closest to nature. With a range of products which are pure, unadulterated, natural and processed without chemicals, it is our mission to help you lead a healthy life, with no strings attached!

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