Jivika Khapli Flour Emmer Wheat 1Kg
Jivika Khapli Flour Emmer Wheat 1Kg
Jivika Khapli Flour Emmer Wheat 1Kg

Jivika Khapli Flour Emmer Wheat 1Kg

Rs. 225.00
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Jivika Khapli Flour Emmer Wheat 1Kg

Jivika Khapli Flour Emmer Wheat 1Kg

Rs. 225.00
Product description

           Nutrient-dense and packed with fibre, Khapli Flour is a staple across India. We at Jivika Organics strive to capture the purity and essence of our rural farming communities in every batch of our Emmer Wheat (Khapli) Flour. 

          The long, golden grains are ground in a stone mill, keeping their nutrients undisturbed and unadulterated. Khapli Flour is a great replacement for regular wheat flour due to its Low GI and high bran content.

    Jivika Organics Khapli Flour is ground in a stone mill by practised hands, resulting in the most nutrient-retentive form of flour.

  • LOW GI
    Emmer Wheat Flour breaks down into sugars at a much slower rate in the body than traditional wheat flour. This makes it a great option for diabetic health and weight management.

    The husky outer shell of Emmer Wheat is a rich source of natural dietary fibre, which helps in digestion and insulin control. The high fibre content prevents sudden insulin spikes in the body.

    100% Vegan and Non-GMO, Khapli Flour is a great source of protein that can easily be incorporated into your daily meals. Along with protein, Stone Ground Emmer Wheat Flour retains all its micronutrients.

           We at Jivika specialise in producing raw and natural products in line with the teachings of Ayurveda. We understand that good food can be the best medicine, and we aim to bring this good food to the world. We at Jivika share a significant portion of our earnings with the farmers that work with us. So every product we grow and create comes with a promise of hope and prosperity.

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